Thursday, July 16, 2009


This blog was created to chronicle the misadventures of an interesting group of friends and their quest to create the perfect dinner. We shall be posting pictures from our dinner get togethers and recapping the mad antics that ensued. We'll list the venues with some delightful picture of le dwellings.

I assure you they truly are mad. Things like: hanging from door frames that break, leg wrestling, random feats of physical strength, impromptu card games (these haven't exactly happened yet, but I am determined to start the tradition), etc.

We will probably take turns blogging (I say probably because some of us are more "busy" ie lazy than others). This blog is written by the comical H-bomb that currently resides in the Hugo House.

Follow our adventures and I am sure laughter will ensue. Or pity... but lets hope for the laughter...

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